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Send to all your loved ones.

WiFi Photo frame

Living Room

WiFi Photo frame

Living Room

WiFi Photo frame


Frameo Smartphone app
WiFi Photo frame

Dining Room

WiFi Photo frame
Smith family


WiFi Photo frame


A few simple steps.

Connect to WiFi

Connect to WiFi

Friends and family

Invite friends and family

Photos and videos

Receive photo and videos

React to photos and videos


Let your loved ones know what you think about their photos and videos!

Share photos in a whole new way!

Secure to use


Frameo is secure and safe. 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant.

Send photos from anywhere in the world

Anywhere in the world

No matter where you are, you can send photos and videos via the free app to the frame. All you need is internet.

Software gets updated

Continously updated

We are adding cool features to Frameo all the time with help of our users.

Discover what we have developed so far:

Easy and simple for everyone to use

Easy for everyone

Frameo can be used by anyone. As long as the frame is powered on, you will automatically see new photos in the slideshow.

What people say about Frameo

What people say about Frameo What people say about Frameo What people say about Frameo What people say about Frameo

"If you have a loved one who you do not see often enough this is the greatest gift. My mother loves receiving pics from all over the country now thanks to Frameo."

"I received a Frameo, as a present from my daughter and son-in-law, just before they had my first Grandchild, and they have been uploading pictures to me without letting me know they were coming, so it’s a gift that keeps-on-giving!"

"Easy to use and great for families separated by lockdowns. "

"Thank you so much for this product it has been a literal life-saving gift. My father-in-law is in elderly home care and we haven’t seen him since last year then covid happened. It had been very rough on him and all the family. He’s loves seeing all the pictures we send and now videos! Thank you so much!!"

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